Vasconcella candicans (A. Gray) A.DC.


Common synonyms : Carica candicans A. Gray, Carica aprica Badillo, Carica integrifolia Reimondi

Common names : Sp: chungay (Ecuador), mito, uliucana, jerju, odeque (Peru)

Origin and geographical distribution : Higher parts of Andean Pacific slope of Southern, Ecuador (Loja) and Peru (Cajamarca, La Libertad, Piura, Arequipa, Lima, Moquegua).

Status : Wild.

Description : Semi-lignose, tree-like, height to 8 m, propagated by seeds; typical heart-shaped leaves, hairy below, flowers greenish to purplish, plants dioecious, fruit ellipsoidal, yellow green at maturity, 10-18 x 4-6 cm; many seeds.  

Uses : Edible fruits; raw, roasted or cooked into a stew.

References : Badillo, 1993; Van den Eynden et al, 1999; Scheldeman et al, 2000; Badillo, 2000.



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