Vasconcella monoica (Desf.) A.DC.


Common synonyms : Carica monoica Desf., Carica boliviana Rusby, Carica erythrocarpa Linden et André, Carica citriformis Hook

Common names : Sp:  toronche, chamburo, yumbo papaya, berenjena (Ecuador), col de monte, peladera, col de montaña.

Origin and geographical distribution : Subtropical parts of eastern Andean slope (600-1700 m) of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Status : Wild.

Description : Semi-lignose, shrubby plant, height to 3 m, propagated by seeds; leaves lobed, flowers white, plants monoecious, fruit ovoid, shiny orange at maturity, 7-8 x 4-6 cm; few big crested seeds.  

Uses : Edible fruits; cooked or fried, or prepared with milk. Little aroma.

References : Badillo, 1993; Van den Eynden et al, 1999; Scheldeman et al, 2000; Badillo, 2000.


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